Fisherman Arrested for Illegally Catching Protected Sharks After Social Media Posts

A fisherman has been apprehended for allegedly illegally catching protected sharks and rays after incriminating himself on social media.

The police initiated an investigation upon receiving information about a “professional fishing guide” offering trips for £130 (EUR 150).

Several animal rights groups reported the suspect’s posts, which featured images of him posing with at least four endangered species of rays and sharks, including a critically-endangered angel shark and a near-threatened silky shark.

According to the Spanish Civil Guard, the suspect promoted illegal fishing excursions off the coast of Lanzarote, Spain.

After being apprehended, the individual confessed to not being a licensed fishing guide and admitted to catching the controversial species from the coastline.

The Civil Guard carefully examined the suspect’s images to determine the specific stretch of coastline where he conducted his fishing activities.

Through their investigation, authorities identified an area southwest of Playa Quemada within the protected Los Ajaches Natural Monument.

The man’s actions resulted in environmental harm to numerous species within the protected zone, including silky sharks, hammerhead sharks, blue sharks, angel sharks, and various types of rays.

The suspect remains under the jurisdiction of judicial authorities in Arrecife, the capital of Lanzarote, as the investigation progresses.

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