Gurmukh Bhasin Unveils the Ghost CR-Dos: A Concept Electric Motorcycle with Transparent Engine View

Los Angeles-based designer Gurmukh Bhasin introduces the Ghost CR-Dos, a cafe racer-style electric motorcycle concept. This design marks his second foray into motorcycle concepts, featuring transparent panels that reveal the bike’s internal mechanics. The inspiration for this innovative design began with an experiment in tire design, gradually leading to the development of the entire motorcycle.

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Bhasin’s design process celebrated structural elements, material experimentation, and the intricate assembly of various shapes and parts. He chose the electric vehicle (EV) path for this concept due to the creative flexibility offered by the smaller motor and fewer essential functional parts. “You often see EV motorcycle concepts with large holes in the middle, presenting unique interpretations of electric bikes,” Gurmukh noted, highlighting his focus on aesthetics and functionality.

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Drawing on his architectural background, Gurmukh emphasized designing with the manufacturing process and real-world buildability in mind. Inspired by structural trusses, the Ghost’s frame features angled supports for strength while maintaining a light and minimal appearance.

At the heart of the Ghost’s design is its engine, shielded behind a see-through cover that showcases the beauty of its inner workings, reminiscent of a meticulously assembled PC with glowing lights highlighting its intricate components. “I wanted the internal and structural parts to be visible, but the method was initially unclear,” Gurmukh explained. The use of cloudy plastic for the cover became the definitive choice, also inspiring the motorcycle’s name: GHOST.

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Although the Ghost remains a concept, Gurmukh dreams of seeing it in real-world use one day. “Who knows, maybe one day that will become a reality,” he mused, envisioning the potential future of his innovative electric motorcycle concept.


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