Senior Citizen Succumbs to Fecal Impaction Complications

In a tragic turn of events, an elderly individual met their demise as a consequence of fecal impaction.

The septuagenarian presented at the emergency department, complaining of angina, queasiness, and an urgent need for defecation.

Dr. Rawdy Reales Rois, a graduate of the Cooperative University of Colombia a decade ago, disclosed that the patient disclosed an inability to evacuate their bowels for a protracted period, spanning anywhere between one week to ten days.

Despite administering an electrocardiogram, the results reported as unremarkable. Nevertheless, upon a thorough examination of the patient’s vital statistics, Dr. Reales detected an elevated heart rate and observed signs of diaphoresis.

Considering the patient’s prior cardiovascular issues, the physician deemed it inadvisable to proceed with a rectal enema, as explicitly requested by the patient.

The patient attested to attempting constipation-relief medication, but alas, the outcome fell short of expectations.

In response, the physician augmented the prescribed dosage and encouraged the patient to mobilize.

Dr. Reales excused himself from the patient’s bedside, intending to return for a follow-up examination after a few hours.

During his absence, the patient’s unwavering insistence on receiving an enema led another medical practitioner to perform the procedure.

Subsequently, Dr. Reales received disconcerting news—the patient had succumbed to a cardiac event.

According to the attending physician, the rapid expulsion of fecal matter had triggered a sudden vagal response, causing an abrupt drop in blood pressure, ultimately culminating in cardiac arrest.

Despite an ardent effort to resuscitate the senior citizen, the outcome proved fatal, with the patient passing away after approximately 20 to 30 minutes of resuscitation attempts.

Dr. Reales underscored the inherent risk when patients request procedures that inadvertently result in life-threatening consequences.

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