UFO Spotted Over Nightclub Known for Frequent Paranormal Sightings

A UFO was recently spotted flying over a nightclub with a history of alleged paranormal sightings. The nightclub in Corrientes, Argentina, is known for its ghostly encounters and mysterious occurrences.

The sighting captured a disc-shaped object hovering above the nightclub. In the video, the UFO vanishes mysteriously in the sky, leaving witnesses astonished. People at the nightclub reported seeing flashing lights and movements in the sky that could not be attributed to any known aircraft.

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One witness described the experience: “It was incredible. I was on the dancefloor when I saw the strange lights in the sky. I took out my phone and started recording, and when I saw the images later, I couldn’t believe it.”

After the video was widely shared on Instagram, locals commented on the nightclub’s reputation for unusual experiences. Some suggested that the nightclub’s patrons might have consumed substances that influenced their perceptions.

The Zavod nightclub has been the site of numerous alleged paranormal sightings. Visitors have reported encounters with a ghostly figure in the women’s restroom and sightings of alien beings on the dancefloor.

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One attendee claimed to have seen a little girl in the restroom mirror who didn’t speak or make threatening gestures but left a strong impression. Others have described encountering tall beings with pale skin and unusual eyes, speaking in unknown dialects.

Following this latest UFO sighting, several ufologists and paranormal experts have expressed their intention to investigate the mysterious events at the nightclub.


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