Vehicle Crash by Colorado Driving School Staff Into Their Own Establishment

In an incident that unfolded on a Tuesday, an employee affiliated with a driving school situated in Colorado encountered a traffic-related infraction after propelling a motor vehicle into the establishment’s edifice.

A visual depiction circulated by the Lakewood Police Department captures an SUV of the Hyundai Tucson variant, positioned in a manner that renders it nearly entirely within the confines of the Community Driving School in Lakewood. This particular incident transpired as the vehicle forcibly traversed the building’s frontage.

Law enforcement authorities conveyed that a solitary instance of minor harm had been reported, while a “number of individuals managed to promptly distance themselves from potential danger.” Information gleaned from police sources affirms that the individual behind the wheel functioned as an educator within the school’s framework. As per the data stream, this staff member was in a fledgling phase of their employment, having not yet acquired the requisite certification essential for assuming the role of a driving instructor.

The driver in question has been served with a formal citation for their involvement in a transgression pertaining to vehicular movement, as confirmed by the police department.

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