Royal Enthusiast Expresses Outrage Over Omid Scobie’s Book Controversy, Criticizes Meghan Markle

Anita Atkinson, a dedicated royal follower, has voiced her strong displeasure regarding the controversy surrounding Omid Scobie’s book.

The 66-year-old, previously hesitant to criticize Meghan Markle, openly disapproves.

Anita, from Crook near Bishop Auckland, County Durham, is convinced that Omid Scobie is a spokesperson for Meghan Markle despite his denials and assertions of not being her friend.

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She labels the launch of Scobie’s book, ‘Endgame,’ as a calculated “marketing ploy,” a view that marks a shift in her previous stance of refraining from criticizing Meghan.

This change in opinion follows the recent race row involving the royal family, sparked by alleged comments about Archie’s skin colour in Scobie’s book.

Anita stated, “Omid is fooling no one. He is Meghan Markle’s mouthpiece.”

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She added, “I’ve reached my limit with Harry and Meghan. Initially, I was sympathetic to Harry’s issues in ‘Spare,’ but now I think he needs to mature. His father is taking on significant responsibilities, and Harry’s direct or indirect actions are publicly undermining him.”

Anita’s frustration has grown to the extent that she refuses to visit the U.S. because of Meghan, saying, “That’s how angered I am.”

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She further commented on the timing of the book’s release, suggesting it was designed to overshadow King Charles’ speech at COP28 and stir up debates about racism in the royal family.

“The idea that King Charles, who leads a diverse global population, doesn’t respect different cultures is absurd,” she added.

The controversy deepened when two senior royals were named in a Dutch translation of the book as allegedly commenting on Archie’s skin colour, a claim Scobie denies, stating he did not mention their names, despite the translator’s contradiction.

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