AYOZAT and Ultimate Strongman Launch Ultimate Strength Network, a 24/7 Viewing Experience

AYOZAT and Ultimate Strongman have joined forces to introduce a new 24/7 TV channel, the Ultimate Strength Network, for global distribution. The channel will showcase the extensive catalogue of the iconic brand, with the possibility of broadcasting live events in the future.

For the past 20 years, Ultimate Strongman has been a prominent promoter of strength competitions, featuring renowned stars such as Eddie Hall, Hafthor Bjornsson, Brian Shaw, and Zydrunas Savickas. Their high-intensity competitions, including the Team World Championships, Ultimate Strongman World Championship, and Masters World Championship, have captivated audiences worldwide. The UK’s Strongest Man, the flagship show of Ultimate Strongman, is widely regarded as the toughest strongman event globally, attracting an annual audience of 10,000 people over three days.

Ultimate Strongman has also been a trailblazer in the realm of Strongwoman, providing a platform for the world’s best female strongwomen to compete alongside their male counterparts.

David McConachie, Managing Director of Ultimate Strongman, expressed, “Strongman is one of the fastest-growing sports entertainment genres globally. With increasing live audiences each year and many athletes becoming household names, our extensive catalogue has garnered exceptional ratings with broadcasters worldwide. After a successful collaboration with Ayozat TV, we concluded that launching a 24-hour TV channel, the Ultimate Strength Network (USN), was the next logical step, providing strength enthusiasts with convenient access to incredible competitions at any time of the day.”

David further stated, “In the coming months, we will seek partnerships with other exciting strength events, such as arm wrestling and powerlifting, while incorporating live events to establish the Ultimate Strength Network as the premier destination in this genre.”

Umesh Perera, founder of AYOZAT, commented, “Ultimate Strength Network will be a valuable addition to our OTT platform, www.ayozat.com, and we eagerly anticipate distributing the channel to a global audience.” He added, “This is another excellent application for AYOZAT TLC, our advanced technology product, which not only launches, manages, and distributes channels but also provides multiple revenue sources.”

AYOZAT is a deep technology company that offers a layered protocol product called AYOZAT TLC. Their product powers markets and ecosystems in various sectors, including media, finance, iGaming, and government, boasting a global network with 54 points of presence.

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