Woman Finds Love Again: Marries New Rollercoaster and Welcomes a ‘Son’ Ride

A woman who previously gained attention for her unconventional relationship with a rollercoaster has now revealed that she’s entered a new phase of her life. Gaëlle Engel, 46, has moved on from her seven-year relationship with the rollercoaster “Sky Scream” and is now married to a different ride named “Gravity.”

The concept of objectophilia, where individuals develop romantic or emotional feelings towards inanimate objects, underpinned Gaëlle’s previous relationship with Sky Scream at Holiday Park in Hassloch, Rhineland-Palatinate. However, her connection with Sky Scream ended in October 2022 due to restricted access to the ride.

Gaëlle’s attention then turned to a new love interest, “Gravity,” a large purple rollercoaster located in Foire aux Plaisirs in Bordeaux, France. The relationship between Gaëlle and Gravity blossomed, culminating in their “marriage” on March 7, 2023. This unique bond has led to the creation of a “son” named “Cybernetik,” represented by a model ride Gaëlle crafted herself.

In an interview with NeedToKnow.co.uk, Gaëlle, a model maker specializing in rides, shared her sentiments about Gravity: “I am very happy with him, and we are very solid and united… Gravity helps me forget my daily worries. When I’m with him, I feel like a new woman who finally lives and lives again! We share many moments of tenderness and complicity.”

Gaëlle revealed that her relationship with Gravity extends beyond her emotional connection to the ride. It serves as a source of inspiration for her work, influencing her creations and artistic expressions. She views Gravity as a confidante and a symbol of fulfillment in her life.

Reflecting on her journey, Gaëlle explained her lifelong connection to objectophilia and how it has shaped her perspective on relationships. Her love for rollercoasters has translated into a unique form of companionship that brings her comfort and joy.

While Gaëlle’s story may seem unconventional to some, it highlights the diversity of human experiences and emotions. Her journey sheds light on the ways individuals find connection and meaning in unexpected places, challenging societal norms and pushing the boundaries of traditional relationships.

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