Celebrating the Pioneers of 2023 in Cloud Computing

Business Awards UK is thrilled to announce the victors of the 2023 Cloud Computing Awards, recognising the pioneers in the tech industry who have harnessed the power of cloud computing to innovate, enhance, and lead advancements within the digital realm.

Winners of the 2023 Cloud Computing Awards

  • C365Cloud – Best Use of Cloud Technology, Best Cloud Management Software
  • Candy Management Consultants Ltd – Most Innovative Cloud Application
  • The Adaptavist Group – Exceptional Cloud Service Provider
  • Resolution IT – Exceptional Customer Service in Cloud Computing
  • My Cloud PA – Most Efficient Cloud Operations

Finalists of the 2023 Cloud Computing Awards

  • Candy Management Consultants – Exceptional Customer Service in Cloud Computing
  • The Adaptavist Group – Most Innovative Cloud Application
  • Resolution IT – Exceptional Cloud Service Provider
  • My Cloud PA – Best Use of Cloud Technology, Most Innovative Cloud Application
  • Fairtech Solutions – Best Use of Cloud Technology, Most Efficient Cloud Operations
  • Candy Management Consultants – Best Cloud Management Software

This year’s champions have demonstrated remarkable innovation and commitment to leveraging cloud technology to boost operational effectiveness and customer engagement. C365Cloud has set itself apart in both cloud software management and its deployment, showcasing unparalleled expertise in the competitive cloud arena.

The Most Innovative Cloud Application by Candy Management Consultants illustrates their inventive and progressive approach in the field. Both The Adaptavist Group and Resolution IT have been honoured for their outstanding service delivery, affirming that customer fulfilment and technical brilliance are intertwined in cloud computing.

The accolade for Most Efficient Cloud Operations awarded to My Cloud PA highlights their dedication to simplifying intricate processes, thereby enabling companies to operate with increased flexibility and resilience in the cloud.

The finalists have equally exhibited exceptional skills, with Fairtech Solutions being recognised for their efficient cloud operations and inventive technological applications. This competitive advantage underscores the vibrant nature of the cloud computing sector and its crucial role in propelling tech innovation.

The 2023 Cloud Computing Awards celebrate the visionaries who are redefining the possibilities within the cloud, enhancing business functionalities and establishing new benchmarks for innovation and operational efficiency in the digital age.

For more information on the 2023 Cloud Computing Awards, or to arrange interviews with any of the winners or finalists, please contact Business Awards UK.

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