HITEC Celebrates Induction of Notable Hispanic Tech Leaders into 2023 Hall of Fame

HITEC has proudly announced the induction of three eminent industry pioneers into the 2023 HITEC Hall of Fame. The inductees are:

  • Alvaro Celis, Vice President of Global ISV Commercial Solutions at Microsoft
  • Adriana Torres, Senior Vice President and Global Head of Customer Support at Oracle
  • Marcelo De Santis, Chief Digital Officer at Thoughtworks.

HITEC President Omar Duque expressed pride in honoring these Hispanic leaders in technology, noting their significant professional achievements and their dedication to nurturing future leadership.

The induction ceremony took place on October 2, 2023, during the HITEC Awards Gala at the Fall Leadership Summit in Orlando, Florida, hosted by KPMG.

HITEC’s mission is to empower and amplify the influence of Hispanic leaders in technology, promoting enduring equity from educational settings to executive boardrooms.

HITEC Chair Rosa Ramos-Kwok highlighted the inductees’ dynamic leadership and humanistic approach. She praised them as exemplars of HITEC’s values, paving the way for the community to make a significant and lasting impact.

Since its inception, HITEC has developed a strong, influential network of top technology executives globally. The inductees are celebrated for their substantial contributions to the technology sector and their active engagement within the HITEC community.

For a comprehensive list of the HITEC Hall of Fame members, please visit: https://www.hitecglobal.org/hall-of-fame

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