Sentry Interactive Revolutionises Front Desk Operations and Access Management in Today’s Connected Workplaces

The landscape of modern workplaces is undergoing a significant transformation, affecting both tenants and property owners. With U.S. office vacancies reaching an 18.2% high in the second quarter – a peak not seen in 30 years – and employees spending 30% fewer days in the office compared to pre-pandemic times, it’s crucial to have a seamless, connected workplace experience. This is essential for enhancing engagement, retention, and occupancy rates.

According to JLL’s Future of Work Survey, a staggering 77% of companies agree that offering remote and hybrid work options is essential for attracting and retaining leading talent. As the shift towards dynamic, hybrid, and coworking spaces increases, organisations face numerous challenges. Ensuring that workplaces operate optimally is key for managers looking to maximise flexibility and productivity. The current gap between physical and digital workplace integration highlights the need for a workplace where technology and physical space merge to improve efficiency, security, and user experience.

Connected Workplace Evolution

A smooth integration goes beyond merely linking systems. It’s about creating an ecosystem that uses technology to facilitate natural, intuitive interactions, resulting in greater automation, visitor experiences, and access management. Investing in a connected workplace solution that enables such effortless integration results in a streamlined user experience. This fosters a relationship based on simplicity, underpinned by reliable and secure systems.

With the growing demand for hybrid workplaces, businesses are increasingly looking for innovative solutions that complement their existing software platforms. These solutions address the challenges of the new work paradigm, aiming to create spaces that are adaptable, efficient, and favourable for effective collaboration.

Seamless Software and Hardware Solutions for Connected Work Environments

In the evolving landscape of workplace software solutions, Sentry Interactive emerges as a key player. It offers a finely-tuned connected workplace experience, integrating with coworking and flex space management software, tenant experience applications, and smart building ESG-focused platforms via its Software Development Kit (SDK).

Sentry Interactive blends intuitive design with advanced technology, offering a suite of solutions that provide a comprehensive platform. This platform is designed to streamline and optimise workplace operations, reduce front desk operating costs, and enhance return on investment.

This all-encompassing solution integrates front desk operations, facilities management, digital communications, a digital receptionist, proprietary calendar integration with Microsoft Outlook and Google Calendar, and mobile access through existing access control hardware. This eliminates the need for new hardware or installation costs. It offers an unparalleled end-to-end experience for everyone from front desk teams to tenants, employees, and visitors.

Unique to Sentry Interactive, the platform smartly synchronises mobile access and visitor check-in with calendar integration. This streamlines scheduling, visitor management, and building access – crucial in dynamic workplaces. It ensures efficient management of appointments and visitors while optimising the use of front desk resources and space.

Incorporating NFC Technology, the platform allows seamless mobile access for both iPhone and Android users, ensuring compatibility with major legacy access control systems. This not only provides an integrated experience for users but also simplifies access control for managers, making it a vital tool for modern, connected workplaces.

Sentry Interactive offers a range of hardware solutions powered by their award-winning software platform. The Edge is a versatile 8″ multi-touch screen, suitable for wall or counter-top mounting. The premium 55″ touch screen Tower redefines front desk operations, enhancing the experience in lobbies and receptions, and ensuring a return on investment.

Sentry Interactive is an invaluable integration partner for PropTech companies, access control OEM manufacturers, the wider security industry, and enterprises navigating the modern workplace. Its ‘Connected Workplace Experience’ is not just robust and reliable but visionary, ready to equip companies for a smooth transition into a new era of work.

To discover more about how Sentry Interactive’s Connected Workplace Experience platform offers secure, efficient, and seamless workplace solutions, contact the Sentry Interactive team here.

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