‘Britain’s Best Boss’ Launches Exciting New Student Travel Scheme

Lee McAteer, renowned as ‘Britain’s Best Boss’ and a respected entrepreneur in the student travel industry, is making a highly anticipated return to the sector.

As the co-owner of Europe’s largest independent wrestling company, PROGRESS Wrestling, McAteer has joined forces with IENA, a USA visa sponsor and world leader in cultural exchange programmes, to introduce an innovative travel experience centered around summer camp cultural exchange.

Named “Camp New York,” this venture offers participants a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work at a USA summer camp located in the New York tri-state region. As part of their package, all participants will receive a competitive salary, with all food and accommodation expenses covered.

Lee McAteer, the co-founder of Camp New York, expressed his excitement about the project, saying, “I’m so excited to announce my travel come back project with the launch of Camp New York.

“I was so proud of everything I helped build and achieve with both AmeriCamp and Camp Thailand, and now post-Pandemic, I feel that this is the perfect time to bring together all the lessons I learnt and contacts I made, to launch Camp New York. I have a strong passion for travel and helping people create memories that last a lifetime. When one chapter closes a new one begins, and I saw an opportunity to build something special that would provide people with more control of their summer camp aspirations in America and where they wanted to spend their summer.  Combining the two together, is how Camp New York was born.”

Camp New York will be led by Lee McAteer, fellow PROGRESS Wrestling co-owner Martyn Best, and Matt Buczek. With the combined experience of these three entrepreneurs and IENA, which spans over 100 years in running successful global travel businesses, Camp New York aims to provide a trusted platform for students and young people.

McAteer emphasized, “Collectively, Matt, Martyn, and I have a wealth of experience managing multiple businesses across various industries, and we are all extremely excited about the journey we are set to embark on with Camp New York. I’ve been incredibly fortunate to work with Matt and IENA for a number of years, and we have a trusted, long-term relationship. I thank them not only for their significant support but also for their immense backing in what I believe will be an innovative approach to placing students at camps in America every summer.”

“Start spreading the news, Camp New York is now officially open for business.”

Initially, Camp New York will have offices located in New York, Liverpool, and Madrid.

Matt Buczek, CEO of IENA and co-founder of Camp New York, expressed his enthusiasm, saying, “I have worked with Lee for many years, and I’m delighted to finally launch what I believe will be a game changer for cultural exchange and camp placements in America, especially within the vibrant New York tri-state area. We are all excited to introduce Camp New York, and I am confident it will achieve tremendous success.”

Martyn Best, co-owner of PROGRESS Wrestling and Camp New York, added, “Offering students and young people of all ages the chance to experience New York City and a summer camp in the New York area is a dream opportunity, and we are thrilled to make it a reality. The time is right to launch our latest venture, and we can’t wait to see the response.”

For additional information about Camp New York, please visit the website at CampNewYork.org.

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