Top 7 Reasons Why Brittany is the Perfect Destination for Your Next Holiday

If you are from the UK, Brittany is on our doorstep and is often overlooked as a holiday destination, but it has much to offer in terms of activities and things to see and do. It is also stunningly beautiful, with miles of coastline and crashing waves, beautiful countryside, interesting Breton culture and amazing period buildings, not forgetting the delicious local cuisine and food markets.

1. Beautiful countryside

Brittany is renowned for its beautiful countryside, with rolling hills, winding rivers and valleys, green fields, lakes, forests and woods. One can spend hours driving, or riding a bike, taking in the views and enjoying the natural beauty of this stunning corner of France. One of Brittany’s finest rivers is the River Blavet. You can hire kayaks to cruise the river and enjoy the unique views on offer. The River Blavet is also packed with different types of fish, a testament to the water quality, so is a great place to visit if you are a keen fisherman. Brittany’s natural splendor provides for amazing adventures and exploration if you are a walker, with miles of paths, tracks and old lanes.

2. Quiet & peaceful

With its stunning coastline and areas of sparsely populated countryside, even during the height of summer, it is possible to find peace and quiet in Brittany. Rent accommodation next to long, sandy beaches, or deep in the countryside, to ensure a quiet, peaceful and relaxing holiday, away from the stresses and strains of daily life. La Garenne, in Morbihan, Brittany, consists of 4 luxury holiday cottages, and is about as idyllic and tranquil as you can get. These Breton gites are located alongside the River Blavet, on their own, secluded, but not isolated, with acres of grounds and no t.v! The coastline is also only 20 minutes drive away. These are some of the finest and prettiest holiday cottages in Brittany you will find.

3. Beautiful coastline

Brittany is surrounded by miles of beautiful coastline, consisting of long, sandy beaches, craggy coves, and pretty harbour towns and villages. Much of the coastline is open to the Atlantic with dramatic cliffs and crashing waves. There are also more secluded, calmer bays and inlets, perfect for paddling and swimming, for adults and children alike. Needless to say, there is delicious local seafood on offer, freshly caught and landed in one of the many harbours. If you are a keen surfer, it would be worth packing your surfboard as there are some nice waves to be had in Brittany, for beginners, intermediates and the more advanced.

4. Lots to see and do

Brittany’s versatility, with forests and woods, large rivers, beautiful countryside and coastline, small villages and larger towns means there is an endless amount of things to see and do. It has something for everyone. There are many markets to visit and purchase local produce to take back to your self catering accommodation and cook up a storm! Whether you would like to surf, kayak, horse ride, ride your bike, fish in the sea, lakes, or rivers, relax, walk, run, or shop, Brittany has it all.

5. Beautiful buildings

One thing you can’t fail to notice are the stunning, period buildings throughout Brittany, from the old farms and farmhouses, to the pretty fishermans cottages and buildings in the towns. Many buildings date back hundreds of years and look like they did the day after they were built, a testament to those restoring and managing these old buildings. You could spend your entire holiday checking out the buildings in different areas of Brittany, there are that many.

6. Gorgeous food

Brittany offers delicious local produce from local farms and growers, and seafood from the many fishing boats plying their trade around the Breton coastline. There are many local markets and quality restaurants to choose from, and, of course, you will find moules-frites available at most pubs and cafes!

7. Close to the UK

One of the bonuses of going on holiday in Brittany is that it is not far away from the UK and you can take your car, so no extra costs for expensive car hire. Which also means you bring all the equipment and luggage you need, for example, bikes and even kayaks, with no extra costs, ideal to explore Brittany which has so much to offer.

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