Honouring Exceptional Talent: The 2023 Maker Awards Winners and Finalists Revealed

Business Awards UK is thrilled to showcase the distinguished winners and finalists of The 2023 Maker Awards, a tribute to the artisans, innovators, and entrepreneurs who have showcased exceptional skill and innovation in their crafts. These individuals and businesses have excelled in blending traditional techniques with modern innovation, significantly contributing to the growth and evolution of their industries.

The 2023 Maker Awards Victors

  • Fan The Glory With Tori – Diversity and Inclusion Champion
  • North Product Design – Industry Leader Award
  • Wood & Wire – Best Youth Development
  • Enamel on the Yarrow – Triumph Over Adversity Award
  • Vanlife Conversions – Best Customer Focus
  • Laura-Louise Winterbourne, The Giftie Company – Rising Star Award
  • Vanlife Conversions – Best Customer Experience
  • Christopher Leslie Bespoke – Best Artisanal Business
  • The Giftie Company – Fastest Business Growth

The 2023 Maker Awards Contenders

  • Wood & Wire – Best Customer Focus
  • The Marquetry Shack – Industry Leader Award
  • Enamel on the Yarrow – Best Youth Development
  • Varlowe Industrial Services – Rising Star Award
  • Christopher Leslie Bespoke – Triumph Over Adversity Award
  • Cuecard Productions – Most Positive Community Impact
  • Qawaya – Best Digital Creation
  • Varlowe Industrial Services – Best Customer Experience
  • Christopher Leslie Bespoke – Best Customer Focus
  • Cuecard Productions – Industry Leader Award

The Maker Awards illuminate the remarkable achievements of those in the creative and craft sectors, celebrating a time when handcrafted and heartfelt creations hold significant value. These accolades honour the creativity, expertise, and enthusiasm that propel the maker community forward, serving as a beacon for both budding and seasoned artisans.

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to all winners and finalists for their exceptional contributions to the maker movement. Their commitment to quality, creativity, and sustainability has not only enriched the market with outstanding products but has also upheld the principles of craftsmanship and innovation within their fields. Their influence stretches beyond their studios, enriching both the economy and cultural landscape, and establishing the highest standards of excellence within the maker community.

For further details on The 2023 Maker Awards or to arrange interviews with the celebrated individuals, please contact Business Awards UK. Let’s continue to support and honour the remarkable talents that define the rich and diverse tapestry of British craftsmanship.

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