Deciphering the Enigma: Car Expert Delves into the Veiled Significance of Letters on Number Plates

While most individuals recognise the composition of car registration plates—comprising letters and numbers—they might be astounded to learn that this arrangement is far from arbitrary. What appears to be a haphazard amalgamation holds concealed layers of meaning.

The general populace might be acquainted with the understanding that the numbers adorning the plate denote the year of vehicle registration and the specific half-year period within. For instance, in the present year, cars registered prior to September 1 bear a 23 number plate, whereas those enlisted thereafter showcase a 73 registration number.

Yet, a relatively lesser-known revelation lies within the two letters that precede the numbers. Jon Kirkbright, the Sales Director at Private Number Plates, boasts an extensive 11-year tenure in the field. He expounds that these seemingly unassuming letters actually function as regional markers.

He elucidates, “To the casual observer, number plates might appear as a random amalgamation of letters and numbers. While many individuals comprehend that the numbers signify the vehicle’s manufacturing and registration year, the latent truth is that the preceding letters bear a covert significance.”

Termed ‘regional identifiers,’ these letters trace back to the DVLA office responsible for the vehicle’s registration. This could be the reason why multiple cars purchased from the same dealership might commence with identical letters—far from being a mere coincidence.

If one decides to acquire a private registration plate, this convention no longer holds sway, as individuals possess the freedom to select their own letter and number sequence.

Nonetheless, Jon underscores that the manipulation of private number plates to make cars appear younger than their actual age is strictly prohibited. He affirms, “Misrepresenting the registration is a violation of the law. While you can opt to portray your car as older than it is, simulating a more recent age is forbidden. For instance, one cannot affix an 11 number plate to a vehicle registered in 2007.”

For those inclined to obfuscate their car’s age, an appealing alternative could be procuring a dateless private registration plate. Jon notes, “Contrary to common misconception, dateless personalised registrations can be secured at notably affordable prices. These plates serve as ideal choices for those seeking an entirely distinct plate or perhaps an identifier that masks their vehicle’s age. However, they tend to be in high demand and consequently change hands swiftly.”

Armed with the insight into the concealed letter meanings, vehicle owners with original plates can now deduce the region of the country where their car was registered using the data below:

Regional Identifiers | Location | Postal area
AA AB AC AD AE AF AG AH AJ AK AL AM AN | Anglia | Peterborough
AO AP AR AS AT AU | Anglia | Norwich
AV AW AX AY |  Anglia | Ipswich
BA – BY | Birmingham | Birmingham
CP CR CS CT CU CV | Cymru | Swansea
CW CX CY | Cymru | Bangor
DA DB DC DD DE DF DG DH DJ DK | Deeside to Shrewsbury | Chester
DL DM DN DO DP DR DS DT DU DV DW DX DY | Deeside to Shrewsbury | Shrewsbury
EA – EY | Essex | Chelmsford
FA FB FC FD FE FF FG FH FJ FK FL FM FN FP | Forest & Fens | Nottingham
FR FS FT FV FW FX FY | Forest & Fens | Lincoln
GA GB GC GD GE GF GG GH GJ GK GL GM GN GO | Garden of England |  Maidstone
GP GR GS GT GU GV GW GX GY | Garden of England | Brighton
HA HB HC HD HE HF HG HH HJ | Hampshire & Dorset | Bournemouth
HK HL HM HN HO HP HR HS HT HU HV HW HX HY (HW will be used  exclusively for Isle of Wight residents) | Hampshire & Dorset | Portsmouth
KA KB KC KD KE KF KG KH KJ KK KL | | Borehamwood
KM KN KO KP KR KS KT KU KV KW KX KY | | Northampton
LA LB LC LD LE LF LG LH LJ | London | Wimbledon
LK LL LM LN LO LP LR LS LT | London | Borehamwood
LU LV LW LX LY | London | Sidcup
MA – MY (MN + MAN Reserved for the Isle of Man) | Manchester & Merseyside | Manchester
NA NB NC ND NE NG NH NJ NK NL NM NN NO | North | Newcastle
NP NR NS NT NU NV NW NX NY | North | Stockton
OA – OY | Oxford | Oxford
PU PV PW PX PY | Preston | Carlisle
RA – RY | Reading | Theale
SA SB SC SD SE SF SG SH SJ | Scotland | Glasgow
SK SL SM SN SO | Scotland | Edinburgh
SP SR SS ST | Scotland | Dundee
SU SV SW | Scotland | Aberdeen
SX SY | Scotland | Inverness
VA – VY | Severn Valley | Worcester
WA WB WC WD WE WF WG WH WJ | West of England | Exeter
WK WL | West of England | Truro
WM WN WO WP WR WS WT WU WV WW WX WY | West of England | Bristol
YA YB YC YD YE YF YG YH YJ YK | Yorkshire | Leeds
YL YM YN YO YP YR YS YT YU | Yorkshire | Sheffield
YV YW YX YY | Yorkshire | Beverley

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