Voltix Facilitates Electric Vehicle Owners in Surmounting Electric Car Charger Accessibility Challenges

Voltix, a reputable electric vehicle charging provider, is at the forefront of bolstering the proliferation of home-based charging points throughout Scotland.

Renowned for its picturesque landscapes and cultural heritage, Scotland stands as an enthusiastic adopter of the electric vehicle (EV) revolution, embracing this paradigm shift as a critical component of its endeavours to combat climate change. However, as the clamour for EVs escalates, the accessibility of electric car charging infrastructure emerges as a pivotal factor that could either catalyse or hinder the realisation of this sustainable transformation.

Voltix, a trailblazing supplier of EV chargers, has astutely acknowledged the imperative for expeditious home-based EV chargers, effectively easing the daily commute for EV owners.

Barry Souden, a representative from Voltix EV Chargers, articulated, “Though considerable progress has been achieved, the dearth of a comprehensive charging network remains a pressing concern, particularly in remote locales. Our solutions are meticulously designed to dispel range anxiety and quell the reluctance that some vehicle proprietors harbour towards transitioning to EVs.”

As of June 28th, 2021, Scotland had successfully installed 2,558 public EV charging points, contributing 10.4% to the cumulative UK total. Despite commendable headway, the scarcity of charging stations, especially in rural expanses, persists as a pertinent challenge.

The intricate web of challenges encircling the establishment of a robust EV charging network is multifaceted. The impediments encompass infrastructure limitations, including the requisite upgrades to the electrical grid, which could potentially impede the rapid proliferation of charging stations.

Voltix extends a portfolio comprising esteemed brands primed for seamless installation, substantiated by a team of adept professionals. Among these offerings, the “Solo 3 For Home” EV charger by Pod Point, facilitated through Voltix, is available in an assortment of two connection variants and three models, surpassing conventional plug solutions. Be it through a universal socket or a tethered configuration, Solo 3 accommodates a diverse array of plug-in vehicles, fostering an ecosystem of convenience and enhanced accessibility.

Barry further expounded, “A distinctive hallmark of Solo 3 is its adaptive charging capability, intelligently moderating the charging process to avert home electrical overload during instances of elevated energy consumption. This ensures uninterrupted appliance operation without compromising on charging velocity or safety.”

“Augmenting the user experience, the Pod Point App enriches functionality with attributes like charge scheduling and remote updates facilitated via Wi-Fi connectivity. Moreover, the app offers insights into charging activity and associated costs. The pivotal aspect of safety remains paramount, underscored by safeguards such as over-current and fault protection, wet gun prevention mechanisms, and dual power relays.”

Bolstering its offerings, Voltix furnishes a comprehensive three-year warranty, extendable to an extended five-year span, alongside remote diagnostic capabilities and support, collectively rendering the charging journey seamless, devoid of undue inconveniences.

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