Conjoined Twins Successfully Separated After Four Complex Surgeries

Allana and Mariah Cestari, conjoined twins fused at the skull since birth, have left the ICU after undergoing four challenging surgeries to separate them.

The rare condition, known as Craniopagus twins, occurs in just one out of every 2.5 million births, according to the NHS.

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The twin sisters underwent four operations over 12 months to complete separation, with one procedure lasting a remarkable 27 hours.

During the surgeries, doctors had to remove veins in their heads over several operations to allow the brain time to adapt and recover.

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The last operation involved skull reconstruction for both twins, using stem cells obtained from their pelvic bones.

The final surgery took place on 19 August. After four weeks in HC Criança Children’s Hospital in Ribeirão Preto, Brazil, the twins were finally discharged from the ICU.

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Dr. Hélio Rubens Machado, head of the hospital’s Paediatric Neurosurgery Department, expressed amazement at the remarkable progress of Allana and Mariah, who are now aged two years and ten months. He noted that their recovery exceeded expectations.

Their mother, Talita Cestari, 27, expressed gratitude for reaching this milestone and joy in seeing her daughters’ progress. The twins show positive reactions each day, interacting with each other and their parents.

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While the bandages on the twins’ heads will remain for some time, they are on a path of recovery and treatment. Continued monitoring at the hospital is planned, with expectations of their discharge in two to three weeks.


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