Shane Quigley Unveils Path to Riches in Pioneering New Tome

In a world where conventional norms often seem more restrictive than liberating, esteemed serial entrepreneur Shane Quigley has unveiled a trailblazing publication poised to transform the journey to personal wealth. Entitled “Break The Rules That Are Holding You Back,” Quigley’s recent work encapsulates years of tangible business acumen and personal development into an engaging narrative filled with actionable insights.

Originating from humble beginnings at McDonalds and ascending to generate billions in turnover, Quigley’s manuscript transcends the typical business guide. It delves into the core beliefs, mindset, and tactics essential for unlocking unparalleled success and autonomy.

“Break The Rules That Are Holding You Back” invites readers to reassess the conventional wisdom, discover their inherent talents, and seize a life of prosperity by shedding obsolete convictions and societal limitations. With a blend of personal stories, thought-provoking exercises, and grounded advice, Quigley charts a course for anyone aspiring to reshape their existence on their terms.

The unveiling of the book has captivated the interest of industry titans and self-improvement aficionados, establishing it as an essential read for those seeking to revolutionise their success and personal satisfaction strategy.

Shane articulated: “This book represents a lifetime of learning, often the hard way and I’m just glad to be able to give something back.

“Having two young children and thinking about what they want out of life, I wrote the book with the future version of them in mind. Hopefully they can surpass my achievements in the future and live fulfilling lives.

“This book is for anybody that wants to break free from their current day to day cycle and build a path towards a life of freedom and abundance.”

“Break The Rules That Are Holding You Back” is presently accessible on Amazon.

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