Ewals Cargo Care Trials Volvo Electric Truck in Move Towards Sustainable Logistics

Ewals Cargo Care, a leader in multimodal logistics, has embarked on a new phase in its alternative fuels strategy by testing the integration of electric vehicles into its fleet. The company, which operates 685 trucks, is evaluating the Volvo Electric Truck as part of its commitment to decarbonisation and sustainable logistics.

Although the current fleet already meets the European Euro VI standards with low-emission diesel trucks, the potential environmental benefits of electric vehicles are compelling enough to warrant further investigation.

A real-world trial was recently conducted in the UK, near Immingham and the Port of Humber, to assess the viability of this technology in practical settings.

Electrification – Collaborative Efforts for Sustainability

The International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT) reports that “BATTERY ELECTRIC TRUCKS EMIT 63% LESS GHG EMISSIONS THAN DIESEL – 06/04/23.” These electric models are projected to produce significantly lower emissions over their lifetime compared to diesel trucks. With the continuous decarbonisation of the grid, these emissions could reduce further.

This electrification move could substantially lower the CO2 emissions of Ewals Cargo Care’s clients’ supply chains, contributing to a reduction in their overall carbon footprint. For Ewals Cargo Care, these savings align with the company’s ambitions for decarbonisation and sustainability.

Volvo: A Key Partner in the Transition

For this trial, Ewals Cargo Care chose Volvo Trucks’ Volvo FM Electric. According to the Volvo Brochure ‘Switch To Electric’, “The Volvo FM Electric can carry large volumes of food, consumer goods and industrial supplies with speed and comfort between logistics hubs and cities. Range: Up to 300km. Continuous power: Up to 490kW. Gross combined weight: Up to 42 t.”

Assessment Criteria for Electric Vehicles

The trial evaluates several critical factors, including vehicle handling, economy performance, time efficiency, and driver comfort. These aspects are crucial in determining the feasibility of electric vehicles for Ewals Cargo Care’s operations.

Looking Ahead: Ewals Cargo Care’s Electrification Future

Ewals Cargo Care eagerly anticipates the conclusion of this evaluation, with further updates on the results and implications to be announced. The successful integration of electric vehicles could signify a significant step towards greener logistics and a more sustainable planet.

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