Models Shock Instagram with X-Men Halloween Costumes Made of Body Paint

Amanda Nicole Martin, a well-known model and content creator with over 8.7 million Instagram followers, has stunned the internet with her X-Men-inspired Halloween costume made entirely of body paint. Alongside her friend Elaine, Amanda transformed into Jean Grey, while Elaine portrayed Storm, both characters from the X-Men franchise.

The intricate body paintwork took seven hours, resulting in realistic and eye-catching costumes. Amanda, hailing from Las Vegas, shared her experience wearing body paint on the city’s famous strip.

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“The public had mixed reviews,” Amanda stated. “Most tourists on the strip were either hesitant to approach us, thinking we wanted money for pictures or found us intimidating due to our unique appearance with nothing but paint on.”

However, Amanda’s fans and admirers were excited to meet her in person. She added, “You can tell more conservative tourists had outraged faces, dirty looks, and shaking of the head when we walked past.”

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Despite the mixed reactions, Amanda and Elaine’s body paint costumes gained widespread attention on Instagram, amassing over 1.2 million views and hundreds of thousands of likes and comments.

The post also showcased the duo dancing and twerking in character, attracting admiration and applause from many users. While some onlookers seemed taken aback, Amanda and Elaine’s creative and bold Halloween costumes undoubtedly left a lasting impression.

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