Lexxic Organises a Pioneering Panel Discussion on Creating Neuro-inclusive Workplaces

Lexxic, a leader in neurodiversity consultancy, is delighted to host an influential panel discussion entitled “Neurodiversity Smart: How to Build a Neuro-inclusive Workplace.” This initiative is a testament to their commitment to fostering inclusivity and supporting neurodivergent individuals.

The event is scheduled for Thursday, 25th January 2024, from 12:00 pm to 1:30 pm (GMT). Facilitated by Louis Taylor, a Consulting Business Psychologist at Lexxic, the panel will feature key figures from Newcastle Building Society and Cadent Gas Ltd. These experts will share their experiences and progress in the journey towards neuro-inclusion within their organisations.

Aiming to educate participants, the session will cover essential topics such as the definition of neuro-inclusion and its significance in integrating into corporate culture. The discussion will offer insights into how organisations can embark on and advance their journey towards embracing neuro-inclusion. Emphasis will be placed on the myriad benefits that a neuro-inclusive environment offers, particularly for neurodivergent employees.

The event will also include a Q&A session, allowing for meaningful interaction between the panellists and attendees. This will enable a more in-depth exploration of relevant issues and provide answers to audience questions. The aim is for participants to leave with practical knowledge and implementable strategies for fostering neuro-inclusive environments in their workplaces.

Lexxic’s commitment to promoting neurodiversity goes beyond this panel discussion. They continually strive to increase awareness and provide resources that aid in creating more inclusive professional settings. Through this thought-provoking event, Lexxic aims to inspire organisations to begin their journey towards neuro-inclusion, recognising its significant impact on workplace culture and neurodivergent employees.

Interested participants can find detailed information and register for the event on the Lexxic events page. This event offers a unique chance to be part of a pivotal conversation and play a role in the evolution of neuro-inclusive workplaces.

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