Introducing KYC360: RiskScreen’s Evolution into a Pioneering Customer Lifecycle Management Platform

RiskScreen today embarks on a transformative journey, unveiling its new identity as KYC360. This renaming reflects the firm’s dedication to leading the evolution in Customer Lifecycle Management, equipping clients to ‘comply and outperform’.

The transition from RiskScreen to KYC360 symbolises more than a mere renaming. It marks a pivotal shift towards a complete, start-to-finish solution addressing all KYC requirements, including modular processes for customer onboarding, screening, and continuous KYC management. Here are the key benefits of this advancement:

  1. Unified Solution: KYC360 encompasses our full range of services, from client onboarding to their eventual offboarding. This provides a cohesive, integrated platform to handle all aspects of your customer lifecycle. The name KYC360 is not just a label; it’s a guarantee of thorough customer lifecycle management.
  2. Global Acclaim: KYC360 goes beyond being just a brand name; it’s a globally acknowledged leader in the enterprise regulatory technology (regtech) industry. This esteemed reputation sets the stage for future growth, enhancing the company’s ability to serve its customers with improved features and a wider reach.
  3. Clarity of Purpose: While RiskScreen has been a successful name, KYC360 offers a clearer representation of the company’s focus. It’s more than just screening; it’s a top-tier tech firm specializing in customer onboarding, screening, and ongoing KYC processes.
  4. Smooth Customer Experience: The switch to KYC360 is tailored to be effortless for users. Although the branding will undergo a refresh, the user interface will stay user-friendly. KYC360’s solutions retain their beloved characteristics, ensuring an uninterrupted user experience.
  5. Enhanced Access to Resources: Vital resources that customers have relied upon, such as the AML Roundup, will be smoothly transitioned to the new platform, amalgamating information in a more user-centric manner.
  6. Sustained RiskScreen Core: The fundamental aspects of RiskScreen Core, particularly the ad-hoc screening feature, will continue under the RiskScreen branding, providing ongoing consistency and a sense of familiarity.

Stephen Platt, founder and CEO of KYC360, stated: “As we rebrand as KYC360, we complete a transformational journey from a screening solution business to a full SaaS enterprise software company that now helps businesses meet all of their most important KYC challenges. The way businesses comply can be a major point of difference in driving commercial performance and our central philosophy is to help our customers comply and outperform. Their trust has been the foundation of our success and with the rebrand we are poised to deliver to them and the wider market even more transformative technologies.”

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