Royal Warrant Holder Collaborates with Devon Duvets for Exclusive British Wool Bedding Collection

The esteemed Royal Warrant Holder, Wrought Iron and Brass Bed Company, is embarking on a meaningful journey to champion local farmers and bolster their sustainability efforts. In a significant collaboration, they are joining forces with Devon Duvets to introduce an upcoming and exclusive range of British-made wool bedding.

Founded over two decades ago by Amanda Oldfield, the Wrought Iron and Brass Bed Company is a family-run establishment situated on the renowned Sandringham Estate in Norfolk. The venture was born from Amanda’s realisation that navigating the purchase of quality furniture can often prove deceptive.

Adhering to its status as a Carbon Neutral enterprise and long-standing member of the Made in Britain community, the company’s unwavering commitment to sustainability is evident. With a focus on utilising 100% British-sourced raw materials and collaborating with local farmers, their dedication to crafting exceptional products is undeniable. In a bid to further their eco-friendly mission, they have made the resolute decision to sever ties with certain third-party suppliers and produce all their offerings in-house, leveraging the expertise of their skilled artisans.

The upcoming highlight on their horizon is an exquisite line of meticulously handcrafted bedding, slated for a September launch. This venture marks an expansion of their well-received Sandringham Wool collection, which made its debut in April 2023, garnering praise for its authenticity and traceability.

A partnership with the Sandringham Estate has enabled the creation of a limited collection of wool mattresses, intrinsically linked to the farms at Sandringham and even tracing back to specific wool bales. In collaboration with fellow Made in Britain member, Devon Duvets, Wrought Iron and Brass Bed Company is diligently working towards extending their Sandringham Wool Collection through the introduction of a fully traceable wool bedding line.

The selection of Devon Duvets for this exclusive collaboration was a carefully considered choice. Amanda Oldfield elucidated, “From its inception, Wrought Iron and Brass Bed Company has been steadfast in our commitment to authenticity, transparency, and unmatched craftsmanship. Our ethos revolves around sourcing materials locally to minimize their travel distance. To remain aligned with our principles, partnering with a fellow British manufacturer who shared our standards became paramount. It was clear that our two family-run companies shared a harmonious ethos. We opted to collaborate with Devon Duvets due to their commitment to craftsmanship and their practice of handcrafting products in their Devon workshops. Both of us are members of the Made in Britain association, which provides customers the assurance of genuine British-made products.”

Pauline Beijen, Co-Founder and Director of Devon Duvets, echoed the sentiment of synergy between the brands. She expressed, “At the heart of Devon Duvets lies our dedication to supporting British sheep farmers, who had long grappled with challenges in selling their fleeces at a fair price. Our products proudly feature British wool, prepared without the use of chemicals through collaborations with British mills. Our craftsmanship is a testament to our ethos, with each product being individually handcrafted by our skilled seamstresses in Devon. Therefore, we are immensely thrilled to collaborate with Wrought Iron and Brass Bed Company, as our shared values encompass supporting our diligent farmers, prioritizing sustainability, advocating ethical sourcing, and celebrating craftsmanship. We aspire to heighten awareness of British wool, a symbol of quality that has endured for centuries.”

British wool farmers are facing unprecedented challenges, grappling with increased demand for British wool fleece. This surge in demand has engendered both economic and environmental repercussions. In response, ventures like Wrought Iron Brass Bed Company and Devon Duvets are pioneering a new trend by harnessing British farms as sustainable sources for their materials. This endeavor aims to inspire other businesses to engage local suppliers, following the footsteps of these two Made in Britain members, who collectively champion the true provenance of British manufacturing.

John Pearce, CEO of Made in Britain, lauded the collaboration as a significant stride towards sustainable manufacturing in the home and living sector. He noted, “This collaboration between two pioneering British brands marks a step forward for sustainable manufacturing in the home and living sector. Wrought Iron Brass Bed Company, a firm driven by its ethical values and environmental commitments, had struggled to find a British bedding brand manufacturing its products in the UK before finding the perfect partner in Devon Duvets. All Made in Britain license holders undergo a verification and compliance process before they can license the mark – so, businesses and consumers can have peace of mind when they see the mark on a product that the product has been manufactured in the UK,” said Made in Britain CEO John Pearce.

The eagerly anticipated expansion of the Sandringham Collection by Wrought Iron and Brass Bed Company is slated for release in late September 2023. The collaborative effort with fellow Made in Britain member, Devon Duvets, promises to usher in a new era of luxurious comfort through authentic British wool bedding. Stay tuned for updates on the launch of the Sandringham Wool Bedding Collection.

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