Dash Couriers’ Shani Moore Lauded for Pioneering Driver Wellbeing Initiatives

Dash Couriers, led by the partnership of Shani Moore and Darren Moore, celebrates the recognition of Shani Moore as an influential business figure and advocate for environmentally conscious courier solutions.

Shani Moore has received the prestigious Businesswoman of the Year UK 2023 accolade at the Business Awards UK, followed by the Female Entrepreneur of the Year 2024 at the Southwest Business Awards. Furthermore, Dash Couriers has been awarded the Sustainable Courier Award by the National Courier and Despatch Association, highlighting their commitment to environmental innovation and leadership in the courier sector.

The cornerstone of Dash Couriers’ recognition is its dedicated commitment to the welfare of its drivers, passionately advocated by Shani Moore. In recognition of the importance of mental health support, Shani has attained certification as a mental health first aider, reinforcing the company’s pledge to the overall welfare of its employees. With an impressive entrepreneurial journey of over 25 years and a remarkable delivery success rate of 99%, Dash Couriers is distinguished by its focus on family values, transparency, and ethical conduct.

Shani Moore’s leadership as a female CEO with dyslexia in a predominantly male industry serves as a powerful example of the importance of diversity and inclusion. With women representing only 1% of CEOs in the courier sector, Shani’s achievements emphasise the necessity of breaking down barriers and championing opportunities for those often overlooked.

The introduction of eco-friendly parcel delivery services by Dash Couriers further affirms their dedication to sustainability and innovation. Leveraging electric vehicles for urban deliveries and prioritising exceptional customer service, the company has successfully established contracts with 12 SMEs since January, outperforming initial forecasts and doubling their targets for the first quarter of 2024.

“We don’t aim to be the biggest; we strive to be the best,” Shani Moore affirms. “Our success is not merely judged by our efficiency and quality of service but also by the positive impacts we create for our drivers, our clients, and the environment.”

Dash Couriers remains steadfast in its core values of driver welfare, integrity, and excellence, as it looks forward to a future of ongoing growth and innovation within the courier industry.

For additional information, please visit https://www.dashcouriers.co.uk/ or reach out to admin@dashcouriers.co.uk

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