Beloved Opera-Singing Donkey, Coffee, Passes Away

Coffee, a donkey renowned for her unique opera-singing brays, has passed away. Known for her musical vocalizations when hungry, significantly if her dinner was delayed, Coffee was a cherished resident at The Isle of Wight Donkey Sanctuary in Ventnor.

At the venerable age of mid-thirties, Coffee’s distinctive bray, likened to opera singing, endeared her to many. A spokesperson from the sanctuary reminisced, “Coffee had a very distinctive bray… especially when she felt her dinner was a bit late.”

Coffee’s curious and engaging nature was evident in her interest in watching and attempting to participate in the physiotherapy sessions for other donkeys. She also played a vital role in providing stability and companionship to Nick, a partially sighted donkey.

With her unique white eyebrows and the rarity of wearing shoes among the sanctuary donkeys, Coffee was easily recognizable. The shoes were part of her care for chronic laminitis, one of several medical conditions she bravely endured over the years.

The sanctuary team and veterinarians ensured Coffee’s passing was peaceful, surrounded by those who loved her. The loss of Coffee has deeply affected the sanctuary community, with the spokesperson noting, “It is always difficult losing any of our beloved animals, and Coffee will be greatly missed.”

Tributes from locals highlight the impact Coffee had on those who knew her. Angie Farmer expressed, “RIP sweet Coffee, now in donkey heaven.” Tracy Ann Simpson shared her sentiment, “Sweet dreams, Coffee. I will miss you. Loved our cuddles.” Nadine Randall reflected on Coffee’s contented life at the sanctuary.

The Isle of Wight Donkey Sanctuary remains committed to providing all its residents the highest standard of care, honouring Coffee’s memory and the love she brought to many.


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