Couple, 105 and 100, Pass Away Just Hours Apart, Fulfilling Prediction

Article: A remarkable couple, aged 105 and 100, has passed away within a span of four hours, as they had predicted. Mamédio Alves Magalhães and Ana Araújo Magalhães, who were married for nearly 78 years, left this world on 30 June. Mamédio passed away in the hospital at 4 am, while Ana, his wife, passed away at home at 8 am on the same day.

The couple, who spent their entire lives together in Paranã, a city southwest of São Paulo, Brazil, got married on 26 July 1945. Although they didn’t have any children of their own, their love for each other was unparalleled. Mamédio and Ana’s great-niece, Ediana Quirino Magalhães, 38, shared that Mamédio had once confided in her, saying, “I’m going to die on the same day as her.”

Ediana, who was raised by the couple she lovingly referred to as her grandparents, shared, “Their story is very beautiful. They loved each other more than anything.” She expressed disbelief when Mamédio mentioned their shared passing but soon realized the seriousness as Mamédio’s health deteriorated after Ana’s brief hospitalization for pneumonia.

Refusing to eat or take his medicine while Ana was away, Mamédio’s condition worsened. When Ana’s health improved, doctors permitted her to return home to be by her husband’s side. Tragically, Mamédio fell ill and was hospitalized on 29 June. He passed away the next morning, with Ana joining him just four hours later.

Mamédio, born in Paranã in 1918, had served in the Brazilian Army and later worked as a farmer. Ana, born in the same city in 1923, worked as a cleaner and a teacher, dedicating herself to helping children in the countryside learn how to read and write.

Despite Mamédio’s battle with Parkinson’s disease and Ana’s dementia, their love remained strong. Even in her dementia, Ana never forgot her husband’s name, and she would check with family members if Mamédio had eaten. Their burial on the family farm fulfilled Mamédio’s longstanding wish, as many of their family members had been laid to rest there.

The City Council expressed its condolences to the bereaved family, acknowledging the deep pain of their loss. The council emphasized the importance of cherishing the memories of Mamédio and Ana, highlighting their love as an example for all to follow. The couple’s final resting place, side by side, mirrors the way they lived their extraordinary lives together.

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