Locals Create ‘Tamaliens’ Dish Inspired by ET Mummies

In response to ufologist Jaime Maussan’s presentation of alleged extraterrestrial mummies during a hearing at the Mexican congress, locals have put a creative twist on traditional Mexican dishes, shaping them into the form of aliens. These tamale-inspired dishes have been cleverly named “tamaliens.”

Tamales, typically made from corn-based dough filled with cheese or other ingredients, have been given a playful extraterrestrial makeover. Instead of the conventional steaming method, these alien-inspired tamales are intended to be fried, enhancing their uniqueness.

The process of creating “tamaliens” involves shaping the dough to resemble the limbs of an alien, then filling these body parts with Oaxaca cheese, known as quesillo. The limbs are joined together, and their wrinkled appearance is textured to mimic mummified bodies.

This culinary adaptation has sparked excitement and laughter among locals and food enthusiasts. People have been sharing their amusement and appreciation for this imaginative twist on a beloved national delicacy. One local exclaimed, “Wow, tamales. Today’s tortillas are canceled,” while another jokingly noted, “Mexico is on another level. The cosmos does not deserve us.”

The playful creation of “tamaliens” showcases the vibrant and creative spirit of Mexican cuisine and culture in response to intriguing and unexpected events like the presentation of ET mummies.

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