Professional Surfer Faces Blackmail with Artificially Generated Nude Images

Professional surfer Mariana Rocha is enduring “emotional hell” due to blackmail involving AI-created nude photographs.

Rocha disclosed that she received these explicit images, appearing to show her nude, from an unknown phone number.

The blackmailer demanded £4,290 (approximately EUR 5,000), which Rocha did not comply with.

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The individual threatened to distribute these images to her “family, friends, sponsors, and clients”.

Portuguese national Rocha shared: “I’ve been experiencing tremendous emotional turmoil.

“I want to bring my experience to light because I believe this new form of harassment similarly victimizes others.”

“Recently, I’ve encountered the darker aspects of our evolving world.

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“It appears inevitable that such images of me will be circulated online.

“What’s most alarming is the prevalence of this issue affecting many.”

She confessed: “Honestly, they appear incredibly realistic.”

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Rocha, a skilled surfer and surf-skate enthusiast, clinched the world championship in 2017.

She warned: “Be vigilant, as these malicious hackers are wrecking lives and shattering dreams.

“While Artificial Intelligence has its merits, its trajectory is increasingly alarming.”

She urged global leaders to take action against the ominous direction of AI technology.

Rocha also shared a screenshot of her conversation with the alleged blackmailer and referenced a Washington Post article titled: “AI fake nudes are booming. It’s ruining real teens’ lives.”

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