Tragic Murder of TV Presenter and Singer Unfolds on Riverbank

A harrowing and tragic incident has unfolded as Marlene Chávez, a 27-year-old TV presenter and singer, was discovered murdered along the banks of a river. Autopsy results have revealed that Marlene met a grim fate, succumbing to mechanical asphyxiation, sending shockwaves through her community.

The lifeless body of Marlene, hailing from the Bolivian municipality of Caranavi, was located on the banks of the Yara River on September 12th. Local residents made the grim discovery, finding her remains concealed in the undergrowth near the Hotel Cabañas EmyMar and swiftly alerted the authorities around 6 pm.

Colonel Jhonny Vega, a police spokesperson, conveyed, “At 7 pm, her body – which exhibited signs of violence – was removed. The autopsy indicates that she died of mechanical asphyxiation due to strangulation, with bruises on her face.”

In the wake of this horrific discovery, the police launched a comprehensive investigation and apprehended Marlene’s ex-partner in connection with her untimely demise. The arrest took place at approximately 2:30 am on September 13th, with the suspect being located near the morgue in a vehicle that he allegedly intended to use as an escape vehicle.

Reportedly, the suspect exhibited injuries on his hands, believed to have been sustained during the victim’s valiant attempt to defend herself from harm. Marlene’s sister, Nardy Chávez, divulged, “The man was jealous because my sister was a singer and she presented news on Caranavi channel 15.”

Public prosecutor William Alave Laura emphasized, “The incident is a new case of femicide because the young woman died with signs of violence, and the suspect in the crime is her common-law husband.” Witnesses from the couple’s social circle and neighbors attested to the suspect’s extreme jealousy, adding a chilling layer to this tragic episode.

As the investigation unfolds, it’s a somber reminder of the devastating toll of femicide, and the loss of Marlene Chávez leaves behind an eight-year-old daughter, a poignant symbol of the enduring consequences of this heartbreaking event.

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