Unique ‘Troll Apartment’ on Bridge Sells for £340,000

A one-bedroom flat, affectionately called the ‘troll apartment’ due to its location in the middle of a bridge, has been sold for £340,000.

Built in 1949, the 450 sq ft property is situated above a concrete drainage channel and boasts a kitchen, bathroom, and an outdoor terrace overlooking the flowing water. Additionally, there is a fenced-in “rooftop patio” adjacent to the street that runs over the bridge.

The apartment is located in the Alhambra area of Los Angeles, California, in the United States. Initially listed for $250,000 (£197,207), it ultimately sold for $430,000 (£339,225), according to Douglas Lee, a sales associate for Compass real estate.

The buyer of the ‘troll apartment’ is a retired teacher from Rosemead High School, located approximately four miles from Alhambra. Lee stated that the new owner is open to ideas regarding the property’s use. The transaction was an all-cash deal with a quick 1.5-week escrow period and the removal of all contingencies.

The nickname ‘troll apartment’ is inspired by the fairy tale “Three Billy Goats Gruff,” where the animals are prohibited from crossing a bridge due to the presence of a troll residing beneath it.

Lee described the listing as the most unique property he has encountered throughout his real estate career. The house was originally purchased by the friend’s parents in 2005 for approximately $72,000 (£56,802) with the intention of transforming it into a family retreat. However, it ended up being mainly utilized for storage.

The property requires some renovation work, including repairs to leaks and the removal of mold. It is considered a fixer-upper.

In southern California, the average sale price for a family house is approximately $785,000 (£619,459), while the average cost of a one-bedroom property in Alhambra is around $350,000 (£276,136).

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