Woman Showcases Unique Artistic Twist by Colouring in Boyfriend’s Tattoos with Markers

woman has gained viral attention after spending hours colouring in her boyfriend’s tattoos. Scoobie Sousa, 22, has dedicated four years, 500 hours, and £97,000 ($125,000) to his ink, although his masterpiece remains unfinished. In a surprising move, his girlfriend, Maggie Moodie, 24, took matters into her own hands.

Instead of using a tattoo needle, the influencer and model opted for permanent markers to meticulously fill in each section of her partner’s tattoos, creating a stained glass mandala effect. The result has left social media users astounded, garnering 859,800 views and over 108,000 likes.

Maggie, inspired by a suggestion from a fellow TikToker, decided to fulfil her desire to colour in the tattoos. “Once I got a comment on TikTok suggesting we do it, I pretty much grabbed a pack of markers right away,” she said. “You gotta give the people what they want. It took me like two to three hours to do it, and I tried my best to blend it all together with a wet Q-tip.”

Scoobie began his tattoo journey in 2019, enduring 60 sessions so far. Although his vision is not yet complete, he was more than happy to let his girlfriend put her unique artistic twist on his ink.

The couple, residing in Los Angeles, California, met in February and moved in together just months later, in April. Their content, including the recent art project, has been gaining significant attention, with numerous videos going viral on TikTok.

Users have been captivated by their unconventional approach to tattoo artistry. Comments poured in, expressing awe and interest. Some even suggested similar projects for themselves. The couple’s creativity and shared experiences have resonated with viewers, igniting further fascination and engagement.

Maggie and Scoobie’s artistic venture has brought them both admiration and amusement, solidifying their bond as a couple. As their videos continue to captivate audiences, they embrace the joy of creating and sharing their unique moments together.

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