Man in polyamorous relationship has two girlfriends in addition to throuple

Gabriel, Andrea, and Lore are a polyamorous throuple who have gained popularity on TikTok as the Koplak Family, boasting 142,000 followers. Gabriel, the only man in the relationship, was originally married to Andrea after meeting over 10 years ago. They had a house, a dog, and two children together, but Gabriel admitted to having strayed outside of the relationship multiple times over the years. As a result of his infidelities, the couple had a heart-to-heart discussion about their future. Gabriel suggested bringing the two women he was already in a relationship with, Lore and Victoria, home with him. To his surprise, Andrea allowed it, and she ended up falling in love with Lore.

Gabriel, Andrea, and Lore enjoy a loving relationship as a throuple and share the same bed. Meanwhile, Gabriel continues to see Victoria and Sofía on the side, as they both identify as heterosexual and only have eyes for him. The Koplak Family, who are from Mexico, explained in an interview that they all perform different roles in the relationship, and there is no form of hierarchy between the five lovers. However, they refrain from displaying their affection for each other in front of their two children, as they are still too young to understand their relationship.

Their unusual dynamic has sparked intrigue on TikTok, and many followers regularly ask them questions about it. In one video, they claimed to be happier in this type of relationship. Gabriel said he enjoys it more because he no longer has to cheat and lie to his wife. While some followers have expressed concerns or criticism, others have shown support for their lifestyle. One follower commented that as long as they are happy, that is what matters.

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