Woman Amazes TikTok with Ability to Sneeze with Her Eyes Open, Leaving Viewers Unsettled

A woman has become a viral sensation on TikTok after revealing her unique talent of sneezing with her eyes open.

Isabela Barbosa, an actress and influencer, sought to dispel the rumor that sneezing with your eyes open would cause your eyeballs to pop out. In a hilarious clip shared on TikTok, she demonstrated her skill, leaving viewers both amazed and uncomfortable.

Barbosa’s video quickly gained traction, accumulating over 48.3 million views and 8.2 million likes on the platform. In an interview with NeedToKnow.co.uk, she explained that she had been training herself for approximately two years to achieve this seemingly impossible feat. Without any specific training regimen, she simply kept her eyes wide open and made an effort not to close them.

Her desire to conquer her irrational fear of driving, sneezing, and potentially crashing her car served as an additional motivation to learn this peculiar skill. After persistent practice, she finally succeeded and shared her trick on her TikTok account (@_bela_amor).

In the comical video, the 22-year-old can be seen tickling her nose with a small paintbrush. With her eyes wide open, she proceeds to sneeze, maintaining control over her eye movements throughout, before bursting into laughter.

The clip has generated thousands of amazed and shocked comments from viewers. Many expressed surprise that her eyeballs did not actually pop out, debunking the long-held belief. Some TikTok users playfully commented on their own misconceptions, while others found the sneezing technique to be quite aggressive or unsettling.

Barbosa clarified that she doesn’t typically perform this trick randomly in public but reserves it for when she’s driving. She decided to record and share the video to witness her own sneeze with her eyes open, explaining the peculiar stares she receives while behind the wheel.

Addressing concerns about health risks, she assured viewers that there are no dangers associated with sneezing with your eyes open. She emphasized that the myth suggesting eyeball displacement is false and stated that the worst-case scenario would be getting dust particles in one’s eyes.

Isabela Barbosa’s unique talent has certainly entertained TikTok users, leaving them amused and amazed by her extraordinary sneezing ability.

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