Elevating Patient Care with Smart Technologies at Medicana Health Group

Medicana Health Group is redefining healthcare in Türkiye through its innovative approach to patient care, which integrates smart technologies at its core. This approach is driven by a deep commitment to understanding and fulfilling the diverse needs of patients, ensuring each individual receives a care experience that is not only personalised but also systematically planned.

In the current landscape, where technological advancements are transforming the healthcare industry, Medicana Health Group is leading the way. The group has adopted a range of cutting-edge technologies, including telemedicine, wearable devices, artificial intelligence, and genomics, to enhance the quality and efficiency of its patient care services.

This strategic integration of technology enables Medicana to effectively process and utilise data, with the aim of improving patient outcomes, optimising service delivery, and promoting a wider understanding of health issues.

Medicana is dedicated to providing care that is tailored to the individual, ensuring that from the first consultation to the post-care phase, every aspect of the patient’s journey is characterised by personalised attention, resulting in a comprehensive and deeply personalised care experience.

Harnessing Technology for Patient-Centric Care

With the healthcare IT market projected to reach USD 1,834.3 billion by 2030, growing at a CAGR of 15.8% from 2024 as per Grand View Research, Medicana Health Group is leveraging this growth through significant IT investments and the digitisation of its healthcare services. This digital transformation enables the provision of online consultations, efficient appointment scheduling, and immediate access to patient health records, significantly reducing the usual wait times associated with healthcare. Furthermore, Medicana’s digital initiatives include streamlined online payment systems, quick prescription refills, and direct access to diagnostic results.

Moreover, Medicana Health Group is pioneering in the delivery of advanced healthcare services, such as digital second opinions for surgeries and comprehensive online rehabilitation and physical therapy programs, enhanced by AI. The Group’s digital suite also includes a wide range of online home care services, offering educational content suitable for every age group, from infancy to elder care, ensuring ongoing and accessible healthcare support for all stages of life.

Commitment to Environmental Sustainability and SDG 3

“Digital transformation facilitates quicker, more targeted, and cost-effective patient outcomes, significantly contributing to the betterment of society and aligning with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal 3 (SDG 3), which focuses on ensuring healthy lives and promoting well-being at all ages. In tandem with these efforts, our commitment to environmental sustainability, evident in our adoption of eco-friendly practices across our operations—from utilising green energy like wind and solar to implementing paperless hospital systems—further underscores the belief that a healthy planet is foundational to sustaining healthy populations,” stated Reha Özkaya, Board Member at Medicana Health Group.

Advancing Value-Based Care for Superior Patient Experiences

At Medicana, patient-centered care goes beyond medical treatment to encompass a holistic understanding of patient needs, including both physical and emotional well-being. This involves engaging patients in their care decisions, developing personalised care plans, and ensuring a seamless and empowering experience throughout the healthcare system.

In response to the needs of an aging population and the growing demand for home-based care, Medicana offers an extensive array of services tailored to elderly patients, including home-based post-treatment care, telemedicine consultations, and remote health monitoring. These services are designed to offer convenience and ensure ongoing, effective management of health conditions, particularly for the elderly.

With a network of 16 hospitals spread across seven key cities in Türkiye, Medicana Health Group serves a diverse patient base of over 5.5 million individuals annually, catering to both domestic and international patients.

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