Business Awards UK Celebrates the Achievements of Small Businesses

Business Awards UK is thrilled to announce the exceptional winners and deserving finalists of the Small Business Awards 2023. These awards serve as a testament to the vital role played by small businesses in the fabric of the UK’s economy. Amidst the backdrop of larger corporate entities, it is the nimbleness, tenacity, and personal touch of small businesses that shine through. Led by visionary entrepreneurs, these enterprises consistently exhibit an ability to adapt, innovate, and flourish, even in the face of challenges. The Small Business Awards 2023 not only recognise business success but also celebrate the entrepreneurial spirit, the pursuit of excellence, and the unwavering passion that drives countless professionals across the UK.

Business Awards UK Small Business Awards 2023 Winners:

  • Alternative Vision Ltd: Best Small Business Transformation, Best Marketing Campaign
  • Ambitions Travel Recruitment and eLearning: Lone Wolf Business of the Year
  • Blue Bull Recruitment Ltd: Triumph Over Adversity Award
  • Blush medical aesthetics: Best Newcomer Small Business
  • Fraser Dove International: Mid-Sized Business of the Year
  • Geopace Training: Best National Small Business
  • HJH Commercial Consultants Ltd: Small Consultancy of the Year
  • InfraFit Studio: Most Innovative Small Business
  • Jet Social Ltd: Small Business Leader of the Year
  • LayerTree: Sustainability and Environment
  • Lyfeguard: Small Family Business of the Year
  • Magnetar IT: Small Business Disruptor Of The Year
  • Mitchell & Stones: Best Work Environment
  • Music Workflow Academy: CRM / Communication Award
  • Navigator: Best International Small Business
  • Precision Management Consulting: Best Customer Service
  • Racing Mentor: Diversity and Inclusion Champion
  • Sapience: Best Use of Technology
  • Sealantonline: Fastest Growing Small Business
  • The Nutrition Consultant Ltd: Micro Business of the Year
  • The Small Business Handbook: Most Positive Impact / CSR
  • Thumbsie Ltd: Small Business Of The Year 2023
  • South West Removals Ltd: Best Local Small Business

Business Awards UK Small Business Awards 2023 Finalists:

(Each finalist may be recognised in multiple categories)

  • Ayre Property Services
  • Bond HR
  • Crafts by mama
  • Digia
  • GLOW&be
  • iota-ML
  • M&K Imaginarium
  • MAK25 London Limited
  • Masterteck Repair Ltd
  • Off The Wall Creative Ltd
  • Purple Story Ltd
  • Redimeer
  • Soap Creative
  • Vault Data
  • White Horse Energy

Business Awards UK Small Business Awards 2023 Individual Award Winners & Finalists:

  • Winner: Phillipa Nicholson, Blue Bull Recruitment Ltd: Rising Star Award
  • Finalist: Maisie Trelfa, Digia: Rising Star Award
  • Finalist: Dale Anderson, Fabrik Invest Ltd: Rising Star Award
  • Winner: Daniel Harris, Kieran Holland, Dylan Johnson, HJH Commercial Consultants Ltd: Best Newcomer Directors
  • Winner: Paul Bond, Bond HR: Best Newcomer CEO / Director

The Business Awards UK team extends heartfelt congratulations to all the winners, finalists, and individual award recipients for their remarkable accomplishments. Their unwavering commitment, boundless enthusiasm, and pursuit of excellence set the benchmark for the business community in the UK.

For more details about the winners, finalists, and the awards, please visit the Business Awards UK website or reach out to the awards team.

Sam Allcock

Sam Allcock is the founder of PR Fire. He helps small to medium-sized businesses land coverage in publications through smart press release distribution.

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