Creative Car Park Collaborates with LockerQuest to Offer Innovative Parcel Locker Solutions

Creative Car Park (CCP) has teamed up with LockerQuest in a strategic partnership, offering clients the chance to host both B2C and B2B parcel lockers in their car parks. This initiative opens up new revenue streams for CCP’s clients.

Parcel lockers provide a convenient, efficient, and eco-friendly method for sending, receiving, and returning parcels. The UK is currently experiencing a surge in the use of parcel lockers, driven by customer convenience, carrier cost savings, and reduced carbon emissions. A report by Last Mile Experts titled ‘Out of Home Delivery in Europe’ indicates that the UK has about 15,000 parcel lockers, a number that is expected to rise significantly.

YEEP!, a pioneering company in the parcel locker sector, has announced ambitious plans to establish a network of 10,000 battery-powered, carrier-agnostic parcel lockers across the UK. LockerQuest is playing a key role in supporting YEEP!’s expansion, alongside partners like Creative Car Park.

Jonathan White, CEO of LockerQuest, stated, “Our aim is to generate our host clients additional recurring revenue from unused or underutilised spaces. After we have confirmation from CCP that a site is interested in hosting a parcel locker, we will carry out a survey to determine the ideal location for the locker based on accessibility, visibility and safety considerations. As we work with different parcel locker types including B2B lockers used by service engineers, we also look to maximise opportunities to create the best return from the space available.”

Stuart Cummings, CEO of Creative Car Park, commented on the partnership: “Our aim is to help businesses unlock maximum value from their car parks, and we look to exciting new products and partnerships to achieve this. We are delighted to introduce parcel lockers as a new product and our partnership with LockerQuest will ensure that every aspect is taken care of for our clients, from installation to maintenance. We are especially pleased to hear about the battery powered, free standing lockers which make these extremely easy to deploy.”

What are the key benefits of hosting parcel lockers?
Extra income 
Hosts receive a fixed amount of revenue per year for each parcel locker installed, with no costs, no impact on day-to-day operations and no reduction in parking revenues.
Increased footfall 
Parcel lockers will provide an increase in customer footfall, generating additional income for retail, leisure and hospitality locations.
Enhanced service feature
Adding parcel lockers to a location can create an additional service for workers, tenants and the community. They can be viewed as a destination of choice.
Improved social responsibility
Parcel lockers support the local community and help to improve the environment with reduced carbon emissions within the parcel delivery sector.
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