DM360 Direct Mail: Elevating Direct Mail Campaign Management to New Heights

DM360 Direct Mail, the direct mail service offered by the UK-based mail distribution leader Lbox Communications (Lbox), has been experiencing remarkable growth since its rebrand in 2022.

Named after its end-to-end management approach encompassing the entire spectrum of direct mail, this comprehensive turnkey service caters to a diverse clientele, including companies like  Domino’s PizzaBuilt Environment Communications GroupIHS MarkitDraker Lettings and The Almshouse Association.

The concept behind DM360 Direct Mail emerged following Lbox’s acquisition of Push Mailing, one of its former mailing house partners, in February 2021.

Push Mailing’s infrastructure and extensive experience in direct mail, led by Miranda Crerar, now Partnership Director at Lbox, enabled the company to expand its mail and hand fulfilment services, enhance data sourcing, management, and cleansing, and make improvements in its printing and delivery capabilities.

“The acquisition of Push Mailing was a pivotal moment for us,” explains David King, CEO of Lbox. “It not only expanded our capacity to serve our existing clients but also opened doors to a more significant presence in the direct mail market, a natural expansion for our business at the time.”

“It was incredibly exciting to join a dynamic, fast-growing company like Lbox,” echoes Miranda Crerar. “We shared the same values and commitment to excellent customer service, and since becoming one company, we have been well-positioned to deliver more for our customers.”

With Lbox’s capabilities expanded, DM360 Direct Mail was created, named to reflect the comprehensive, 360-degree approach the company takes in its direct mail offerings.

“We chose DM360 because our direct mail service is truly end-to-end, providing expertise at every stage in the creation, execution, and delivery of a campaign,” explains King.

“From initial data sourcing to handling returns and suppressions at the end, we have experts in all aspects of direct mail to guide campaigns from start to finish.”

As part of its comprehensive approach, DM360 Direct Mail encompasses six core services: data sourcing and management, design advisory, printing, machine and hand fulfilment, postage, and returns and suppressions.

As part of its professional data sourcing and management services, DM360 Direct Mail offers specialist expertise in Partially Addressed Mail (PAM).

By providing the geo-demographic data needed to identify and target addresses at a postcode level, Lbox aims to remove previous barriers associated with building mailing lists, connecting clients with new audiences in a cost-effective, data-responsible manner.

“We invested significant time and effort into fully understanding PAM so that our clients can unlock its benefits,” explains King.

“Our knowledge ensures that clients can identify and reach select groups—sometimes as small as 15 households—without the need to capture specific addresses. This means they could expand the reach of campaigns by up to 30% at no extra cost and tap into a UK-wide audience of 30 million addresses without violating GDPR.”

According to Lbox, what truly makes DM360 Direct Mail a turnkey solution is that customers can either opt for the full suite of services for their campaign or select specific services that suit their needs.

“If a customer simply wants us to collect data for an upcoming campaign or to print and fulfil their mailings to send back to them, that’s no problem,” describes Crerar.

“Flexibility was a priority when devising DM360 Direct Mail. We wanted to adapt to the needs of everyone, whether they want us to integrate into their existing framework or take full ownership of managing their campaigns. Our process, your way.”

DM360 Direct Mail is aiding companies in various sectors, including franchise communities, retail, estate agents, publishers, and charities, to unlock the true potential that direct mail offers modern brands.

“With the overwhelming influx of digital media and marketing we encounter daily, many underestimate the enduring power of direct mail,” states King.

“Arguably, amid digital overexposure, the tangible nature of direct mail is more novel and appealing to modern audiences. Combined with the trustworthiness people associate with mail, it often renders these materials more unique, memorable, and engaging.”

“The objective of DM360 Direct Mail is to optimise the data, costs, and processes involved in setting up and executing our customers’ campaigns so that they can maximize ROI and harness the potential of this tried-and-tested channel.”

For more information about DM360 Direct Mail and its array of services, visit the Lbox Communications website.

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