ForTest Introduces Dual Absolute T8090 for Advanced E-Mobility Leak Testing

ForTest, a global leader in leak test solutions, has recently launched the Dual Absolute T8090, a groundbreaking instrument designed to address testing challenges in electric car equipment, thereby enhancing their performance, reliability, and efficiency.

Key components of an electric car, such as batteries, circuits, cooling systems, and packs, are prone to leaks. To avert user dissatisfaction and prevent substantial losses, these parts must be impermeable. This is especially crucial for off-road vehicles, which require waterproof battery packs to prevent dust infiltration, thereby avoiding performance and safety issues.

For car manufacturers and suppliers, leak testing of automobile parts has become a vital part of the production process to improve stability and efficiency. With the growing demand for electric vehicles, extensive leakage testing of the entire battery pack and charging stations has become increasingly important. As such, leak test instruments for electric vehicle components must meet elevated performance standards.

To address these issues, ForTest has developed a novel leak testing equipment for automobiles, the Dual Absolute T8090. This equipment combines the traditional absolute-decay method with the precision and sensitivity of a differential system.

Traditionally, various electric car components are tested using pressure decay, classic differential, and visual methods. However, these techniques can be slow and unreliable, potentially missing leaks in battery packs and other components, leading to major quality and safety concerns.

The Dual Absolute T8090 technology could potentially double the production rate of automobile industries. It features the capability to test two components simultaneously, effectively halving cycle times with its safe zero center mode.

Dual Absolute T8090 boasts highly sensitive sensors for fault detection and measurements, akin to those in classical differential systems. This makes it exceptionally beneficial for the automotive e-mobility sector, as it requires no periodic maintenance due to its circuit optimisation and efficient components, unlike traditional differential instruments.

Traditional capacitive differential systems are sensitive to humidity, which can cause significant damage to batteries and incur high costs. However, the Solid-State Measure (SSM) of the Dual Absolute T8090 is impervious to humidity, thus eliminating the need for costly compressed air filtering systems required by traditional capacitive differential systems.

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