Money Industries: Spearheading Cross-Border Fintech Solutions in a Globalised Era

As the world experiences a surge in global trade and the rapid evolution of financial technology start-ups, Money Industries emerges as an exciting fintech player, offering innovative cross-border transfer solutions.

Based in Estonia, Money Industries enables businesses with local payment systems or financial institutions to facilitate cross-border corporate and individual payments across regions spanning Central Asia, Eastern Europe, Turkey, the UK, Africa, and the Middle East. This eliminates the need for specialised knowledge or complex processes.

Scheduled for launch by the year’s end, the company aims to reach 76.4% of the global population within a year, leveraging strategic partnerships across Europe, Turkey, the Middle East, and beyond.

More than Two Decades of Payment System Expertise

The 2022 McKinsey Global Payments Report highlights an 11% increase in global payments revenues in 2021 within the fintech sector, along with a 27% recovery in global trade flows, surpassing pre-pandemic levels. This resurgence, driven by factors like increased commodity prices and pent-up demand, underscores the growing demand for fintech solutions that cater to the evolving landscape of global trade.

Money Industries, founded by visionary entrepreneur Kutay Yalınkılınç, boasts over two decades of expertise in payment systems. It positions itself as a fintech solution provider for fintech startups, empowering them to conduct global money transfers independently, without the constraints of traditional banks or local incorporation requirements.

Kutay Yalınkılınç, the mind behind Money Industries, explains, “Money Industries is conceived from a vision to revolutionise the financial domain, serving as a fintech designed expressly for fintechs, fostering seamless, unrestricted global transactions,”

A Beacon of Transformative Innovation

In a financial landscape marked by paradigm shifts, rising inflation, and fluctuating interest rates across multiple nations, Money Industries aims to be a trailblazer in transformative innovation. It seeks to redefine payment dynamics and enable fintech firms to transition from mere growth to sustainable profitability.

Money Industries is committed to addressing the diverse needs of the global ecosystem, providing essential and innovative solutions for fintech initiatives aiming to thrive in an interconnected and regulated global environment.

About Money Industries

Money Industries is a fintech company specialising in advanced cross-border transfer solutions. Founded in Estonia by fintech innovator Kutay Yalınkılınç, the company is dedicated to promoting global financial inclusivity and innovation, positioning itself as a vital partner for fintech start-ups worldwide.

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