Nick Perrett, Founder and Ceo Nick Perrett, Founder and Ceo

Prosper Invites Public to Join Wealth Disruption Movement through Crowdfunding Access

In a significant move, wealth-tech pioneer Prosper has officially announced the early access launch of its crowdfunding round, forming a strategic partnership with Crowdcube to amplify its financial reach.

This crowdfunding round offers a distinctive opportunity for individuals to invest alongside renowned founders, investors, and operators in the fintech realm. Among Prosper’s notable shareholders are industry figures like Tom Blomfield, Monzo’s founder; Matt Cooper, co-founder of Capital One; and Phil Bungey, former COO of robo advisor Nutmeg, alongside the founders of esteemed fintechs such as WorldFirst, Embark, Azimo, Tandem Bank, and more.

Since its recent opening for founding members, Prosper has experienced rapid growth, introducing Self-Invested Personal Pension (SIPP), Individual Savings Account (ISA), and general investment accounts. The ongoing funding round extends an invitation to customers to participate in reshaping the landscape of wealth, redistributing financial influence and control back to the customer.

Nick Perrett, Founder and Ceo
Nick Perrett Founder and CEO

Prosper has articulated three core pillars for its customer champion proposition:

Firstly, the platform is poised to offer some of the most competitive cash interest rates in the market, transparently informing users about potential earnings. Regardless of the underlying bank, Prosper commits to keeping members updated on rate changes to ensure they don’t miss out on better deals.

Secondly, Prosper has already implemented zero-cost index funds from major asset managers like Vanguard, Blackrock, and Fidelity. The platform contends that certain assets have become commoditized and should not incur charges, thus maximizing returns for its members.

Thirdly, in a pursuit of higher potential returns, Prosper plans to grant access to private market investments, initially targeting sophisticated, high-net-worth individuals. These investments hold the potential to outperform public market alternatives and serve as a vital component of portfolios for the next century, particularly considering the trend of companies remaining private for extended periods.

Nick Perrett, CEO of Prosper, emphasized the need for a paradigm shift in the industry, stating, “It’s time that the people who help you with your money are motivated to keep more in your pocket, not theirs.”

Prosper invites supporters to invest in amounts ranging from £118 to £500,000, ensuring a low threshold to encourage participation from as many Prosper customers as possible. The goal is to build a community that disrupts wealth for the next generation.

To join Prosper’s financial revolution, interested individuals can sign up for early access here.

A crowdfunding risk warning accompanies the announcement, urging potential investors to carefully consider the high-risk nature of such investments. Prospective participants are advised that they may be at risk of losing all invested funds, emphasizing the importance of taking the time to understand the associated risks.

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