Double Triumph for Ipswich Youth: Passes Driver’s Test and Secures BMW in Single Day

Carmine Sarro-Haire, an Ipswich local, had an incredible day on February 2nd, achieving two remarkable successes within a mere 12 hours. The morning saw Carmine passing his driving test, an accomplishment that was the result of relentless effort and dedication. However, this was just the beginning of his day’s good fortunes.

The highlight came in the evening when Carmine was named the winner of a 7days Performance raffle, landing him a Brooklyn grey BMW M2 worth £50,000. The moment he received the call, he excitedly informed his brother, proclaiming, ‘I’ve just won a BMW M2!’ only to be met with his brother’s sceptical reply, ‘F- off… No, you haven’t!’

A visit to the 7days headquarters was swiftly arranged, where Carmine and his brother got their first glimpse of the prize. Faced with the choice between the car and a significant cash sum, Carmine was awestruck by the BMW, barely managing to say, ‘Wow! Wow… That’s Crazy!’

Carmine shared his elation and disbelief over the day’s events, saying, “My life changed…in the space of 12 hours…for not even £3! I still can’t get over it and I’m here now! I just cannot believe it. I just want to thank you guys here at 7days, you really have changed my life.”

Carmine’s extraordinary day is a vivid reminder that life can surprise us with its generosity, rewarding perseverance in ways beyond our imagination. Echoing Carmine’s own words, ‘If you believe, you can achieve!’

Video of Carmine coming to collect his prize:
Reaction of live winner call: (from approx. 18m 50:
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