Burnley Supporters Reap Financial Benefits, Emerging as Most Cost-Effective Premier League Team to Follow

Fans of Premier League football could find their wallets heavier by aligning with Burnley, currently at the league’s bottom.

Under the leadership of Vincent Kompany, the team may face challenges this season with a modest record of one win and a draw.

However, Burnley fans are in a financially advantageous position, as supporting the Clarets is less expensive compared to the league’s other 19 top-tier teams.

This relieves the team’s budget-conscious fan base, especially during the ongoing cost-of-living crunch.

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A comprehensive study evaluated the costs associated with supporting a team, including the price of the cheapest season ticket, beer, and home shirts.

Factors like local hotel rates, taxi fares, and the price of a McDonald’s meal were also considered.

Burnley topped the affordability chart with £335 season tickets, £2.50 pints, and £55 replica shirts.

Additional cost savings were found in hotel stays at £91.72, taxi rides at £12, and fast food meals at £5.50.

West Ham unexpectedly ranked second, offering cheaper season tickets at £310, but fell short in other areas compared to Burnley.

Sheffield United claimed the third spot, with London’s Brentford and Wolves following.

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The top ten list of cost-effective clubs also included Nottingham Forest, Newcastle, Luton, champions Manchester City, and Crystal Palace.

On the pricier end, Arsenal emerged as the most expensive team to support, with a minimum season ticket cost of £974 and home shirts priced at £80.

Chelsea, Tottenham, Liverpool, and Fulham also ranked high on the expense scale, followed by Manchester United, Everton, Bournemouth, Aston Villa, and Brighton.

Zigmas Pekarskas, CEO of Smart Betting Guide, which conducted the study, stated: “The Premier League, a pinnacle of British sporting history since the 19th century, attracts over 4.7 billion viewers for its thrilling 38-match season.

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“This study uncovers the ten least costly clubs for fans. It considers typical fan expenses, from season tickets to shirts and accommodations for away games.

“Burnley leads, joined by other northern clubs like Sheffield, Newcastle United, and Manchester City. Several London clubs – West Ham United, Brentford, and Crystal Palace – feature, despite the south’s usual association with higher living costs.”


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