London Pub Owners Close on Christmas Day to Offer Free Meals to Those in Need

Bonnie Tarleton and Ray Irwin, owners of the Guy Earl of Warwick pub in London, have announced they will close their pub on Christmas Day to provide a free three-course meal to people facing hardships this festive season.

This act of generosity marks the second consecutive year for the couple, aged 30 and 45, who were moved to “give back” to their community. Initially starting with a soup kitchen to offer warm meals and shelter, they expanded to offering free Christmas dinners. Last year’s limited space meant turning away many in need, including families unable to afford a festive celebration.

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To prevent a repeat of this situation, they’ve decided to dedicate the entire restaurant to those in need, with the bar remaining open for paying customers. Inspired by interactions with a local homeless man, Bonnie expressed her discomfort at having to turn people away previously and her determination not to let it happen again.

The announcement on Facebook has received over 750 likes and numerous supportive comments. Community members have praised the couple for their kindness and community spirit. People can book their free meals by contacting the pub through social media or phone.

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Each guest will receive a three-course meal and a small gift donated by local residents. Bonnie highlighted the importance of giving back, saying it’s the least they can do as a community hub. She hopes to grow this initiative each year, emphasizing their commitment to helping those in need beyond profit-making.

The couple’s initiative reflects their belief in community support and desire to make a positive difference, especially during challenging times like Christmas.

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