Christmas Brussels Sprout Cereal Launch Sparks Mixed Reactions

The recent launch of a Brussels sprout-flavoured cereal for Christmas has elicited varied responses.

Traditionally considered the least favourite part of the Christmas meal, these small green vegetables are frequently overlooked.

However, Surreal has introduced a novel festive breakfast option.

These green hoops, crafted from pea starch, reportedly have a honey-roasted Brussels sprout flavour.

The cereal’s inventors tout its health benefits, highlighting its higher protein and lower carbohydrate content.

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“Christmas embodies a spirit of peace, joy, and culinary delights,” remarked Kit Gammell, co-founder of Surreal.

“Fortunately, for those seeking a respite from the constant barrage of pigs-in-blankets and cream-laden dishes, our team of Cereal Scientists has been innovating in the lab.

“The result is quite polarising.

“For those eager to embrace festive flavours from the start of their day, this cereal offers just that opportunity.”

Customer Georgia commented: “I love you, but this is sheer nonsense.”

Darius remarked: “It’s either revolting or delicious.

“It’s a must-try regardless.”

Jay expressed disgust: “Ewwww.”

Another shared: “I appreciate the creativity, but I’ll pass on this one.”

Megan joked: “Seems more suited for April Fools’ Day.”

This unusual cereal is priced at £9.99 per box, equating to £1.66 for each 37g serving.


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