Just Stop Oil Protestor Seeks Donations for Legal Fees After Petrol Station Vandalism

Stephanie Golder, a protestor with the Just Stop Oil group, is soliciting financial assistance through a GoFundMe campaign to cover her legal expenses. Golder was involved in a group incident that caused an estimated £100,000 in damage to a petrol station, for which she was sentenced to a six-month jail term, suspended for 18 months, and ordered to complete 200 hours of community service.

The 36-year-old, from Leigh-on-Sea, Essex, has been arrested a total of eight times in connection with her activities in the Just Stop Oil campaign. She has already raised £1,465 in donations towards her £3,000 legal fees. Golder established the fundraising page with a target of £2,500 to help alleviate her financial burden.

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This situation unfolded following the group’s targeting of the Cobham Service Station on the M25 in Surrey on April 28 of the previous year. The protest led to the destruction of all the station’s pumps, rendering it inoperable for more than a day.

Golder, a politics graduate, expressed her predicament, stating that she has recently received her first criminal conviction. “Since April 2022 I have been arrested eight times as part of Just Stop Oil’s civil resistance campaign. Seven ordinary people including myself, broke petrol pump screens on the M25 leaving the petrol station unusable for 24 to 28 hours. It is claimed the damage and loss of earnings equated to over £100,000.”

She explained that the barrister fees to ensure court representation for herself and her friends amounted to £3,000, which she believes was crucial in avoiding prison. Currently juggling three jobs, Golder is repaying the debt at £150 a month, significantly impacting her ability to commit to community work and fulfill her community service obligations.

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The campaign has received support from individuals such as Patricia Roberts, who donated £50, and Fiona Clapperton, both commending Stephanie for her dedication and bravery. Roberts stated, “I believe in the principles behind the action which Stephanie so bravely supported,” while Clapperton praised Golder as “a brave and dedicated activist who is fighting for us and our beautiful world.”


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