Woman Shares ‘Shocking’ Experience of £20 ‘Tuna Tartare’ Served in a Tin with Crisps

A woman, Sophie Bokelmann, recently shared her “shocking” experience when she ordered a £20 “tuna tartare” dish at a luxurious restaurant and it arrived in a metal tin.

Sophie, a 25-year-old real estate agent from Toronto, Canada, visited the restaurant with high expectations but was left bewildered when her meal was served in an unconventional manner.

Taking to TikTok to share her unusual dining experience, along with a photo of the meal, she garnered 1.5 million views.

“I was so shocked when it got to the table,” Sophie said. “The way it was described to me was as a tuna tartare… essentially raw tuna. I didn’t expect to get a full tin of tuna! I ended up saying to the waitress: ‘Listen, this is not what I expected.’ She was super nice about it and was like: ‘no problem at all’ and took it back.”

Social media users responded with humor, noting the peculiar side dish of crisps that accompanied the protein.

Sophie stated that the meal was priced at $25 (£19.92).

In the video, she expressed her disbelief, saying, “Is inflation that bad? I just went to a restaurant and said to the waitress that I was looking for something light, nothing too heavy. She then recommended a dish ‘similar’ to tuna tartare, raw tuna and crudo. I said absolutely yes. But then they gave me a can of raw tuna and potato chips, a can of tuna. Twenty-five f***ing dollars, are you joking, I am shocked.”

The video received over 135,300 likes and numerous comments from surprised viewers.

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