Friends Superfan Creates Monica’s Bathroom Replica, Complete with Theme Tune Button

Jennifer Bromley, a devoted fan of Friends, has turned her bathroom into a replica of Monica and Rachel’s iconic New York apartment bathroom. Her unique bathroom even includes a red button under the sink that plays the familiar Friends theme tune, “I’ll be there for you.”

Jennifer’s love for Friends dates back to the 1990s when she was just 13 years old. She adored the show’s characters and humour, with Ross being her favourite for his comedic antics. After the show ended, Jennifer continued to watch at least one episode daily, and her passion for the show was well-known among her friends and family.

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As a primary school teacher, Jennifer’s Friends obsession even extended to organizing a Friends-themed fundraiser quiz for parents, which was a hit. In London, she also attended FriendsFest, an event for fans that featured different sets, costumes, and memorabilia from the show.

Jennifer’s devotion to Friends didn’t deter her from exploring online dating. She met Dan, a handsome man with a dark beard, and they quickly hit it off during their first date. She didn’t initially reveal her deep love for Friends. Still, it became evident when he visited her house and saw the extensive Friends memorabilia and the complete box set.

Their relationship blossomed, and they eventually decided to buy a house together. Little did Jennifer know that Dan had big plans for their new home’s bathroom. He proposed to build a bathroom that resembled Monica’s, complete with purple walls, bright yellow tiles, and a black and white chequered floor. This project was beyond Jennifer’s imagination.

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Dan, a project manager, took on the task with enthusiasm. Jennifer was pleasantly surprised when the Friends-themed bathroom was finally completed. She was thrilled they had an official opening ceremony with champagne and a ribbon cutting across the bathroom doorway.

However, Dan had one more surprise in store for Jennifer. He revealed a big red button under the sink, which, when pressed, played the Friends theme tune, adding the perfect finishing touch to their replica bathroom.

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Now, Jennifer can enjoy her bathroom whenever she visits, which feels like a set from Friends. She appreciates the effort and love Dan put into creating this unique space, and she knows he’s always there for her, just like in the show’s iconic theme song.


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