Free Online Valuation Service Helps Driver Cash in £9K More for Number Plate

A motorist has turned a handsome profit, bagging £9,000 more than anticipated, thanks to a free online private number plate valuation service provided by Platehunter, a renowned private number plate dealership. Initially, the car owner approached Platehunter expecting £5,000 but was pleasantly surprised when his plate’s value soared to nearly £10,000 more.

Platehunter, capitalising on its extensive experience in the industry, facilitated a swift sale of the plate for £14,000 within a week, translating to pure profit for the seller. The seller had incidentally acquired the private registration plate back in 1950 with the purchase of a Jaguar XK140.

Jon Kirkbright, the Sales Director at Platehunter, boasts over a decade of experience in trading registration plates. He remarked on the successful sale, saying, “We were surprised that the customer was asking for so little for the registration plate, and we are delighted we were almost able to triple the price for him.”

Jon advocates the acquisition of private registration plates as lucrative investments, often yielding substantial profits, as exemplified by this sale.

“In my experience, I have found that private number plates should double in value every three to five years. This is why I say that buying a private plate is a lucrative investment opportunity. People are often looking for proof of increased value and good investment, and this is it. Some people may not be aware this is the case, and try to sell their plate for the same price they purchased it for many years ago – this is why we offer our free valuation service. We want customers to get the best price for their plates.” Jon shared.

Platehunter’s free valuation service aims to help sellers realise the true value of their plates, preventing them from underselling assets that may have significantly appreciated over the years. This service is straightforward; customers can receive a quote by entering their registration number and contact details on Platehunter’s website.

If a sale is agreed upon, Platehunter handles the listing, transaction, and all associated paperwork, offering a hassle-free experience for both buyer and seller. “Our objective is to eliminate the stress involved in the transactions, ensuring a smooth process for everyone involved,” Jon added.

Jon and his team, leveraging their rich experience, offer invaluable advice on pricing, buying, and selling private plates and encourage all potential sellers to utilise their free valuation service to ascertain the true value of their assets.

For more information or help with purchasing a private number plate – or selling one – visit PlateHunter. Alternatively, you could follow and contact them on InstagramTwitter or Facebook.

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