‘I’m 63, but People Think I’m My Daughter’s TWIN and Can’t Tell Us Apart’

A 63-year-old grandmother has shared her experience of often being mistaken for her 33-year-old daughter’s twin sister, with people unable to differentiate between the two.

Dawn Hubsher and her daughter Cher, 30 years her junior, have gained attention for their striking resemblance, which includes long dark hair, similar features, and youthful appearances.

The mother-daughter duo, who previously appeared on the TLC show ‘sMothered’, have posted videos comparing their appearances on TikTok, attracting millions of views and leaving viewers astonished.

“People often mention that they can’t tell us apart,” Dawn, who resides in Florida, US, told NeedToKnow.co.uk. “We receive a lot of comments from people saying that we look more like twins than mother and daughter. They always think we are sisters and are surprised that a mother and daughter can look so alike despite being 30 years apart.”

Their remarkable resemblance became apparent as Cher grew older, even taking the duo themselves by surprise at times.

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Dawn, a grandmother to Cher’s daughter, added, “As Cher got older, we started to notice how much we resemble each other. Although we don’t always see it ourselves, everyone else seems to, so we enjoy it. Sometimes, when we see a photo of ourselves together, we’re like, ‘wow.’ And there are occasions when Dawn will see a photo of Cher and initially think it’s herself, and vice versa.”

Their TikTok videos have garnered widespread attention, with one video amassing 16 million views and three million likes. In it, Dawn refers to herself as “the mom who cloned her daughter,” while Cher appears wearing the same outfit as her mother.

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In another post, they shared the most common questions they receive in public, including “Are you sisters?”, “What’s the age gap?” and “Why do you look so familiar?”

Many viewers were astounded by their likeness, with comments such as “Are they mother and daughter? They look more like twins,” and “Wow… yup twins.”

Their striking resemblance has undoubtedly captured the attention of many on social media, making them a viral sensation.

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